Advertising within Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (and others), offers unprecedented access to highly targeted audiences. However, it can be a challenge to spend advertising dollars well and to even be able to evaluate the success of your campaigns.

Bastion Social combines an understanding of both the technology and creativity needed to deliver high-impact advertising results!

The Process

  • Planning: We learn about your business, your target markets, and your goals for potential advertising campaigns (more details).

  • Design: We create the initial versions of ads that will run on the selected social media websites like Facebook (more details).

  • Setup: We take care of the mechanics of setting up accounts, campaigns, and evaluation systems that will deliver both the ads and track the results. If you already have them in place, will review and refine as necessary (more details).

  • Ongoing Management: We monitor campaigns, modify and test new approaches and creatives, and continually assess the results against goals and targets (more details).

  • Analytics: We setup (and/or integrate) an analytics system to track campaign results information. ROI and campaign productivity are tracked and evaluated and fed back into the ongoing management process (more details).

  • Reporting: We compile and deliver reports on both a scheduled and ad hoc basis to ensure our clients are up to date on how their campaigns are performing and the effectiveness of the ad spend (more details).

“I am so happy to be doing business with Bastion. They do a wonderful job with all of my Internet advertising needs. This is a trustworthy company to do business with.”

Dee W.

Pricing Guidelines

Small Business

  • Covers $2,500-4,000 in Spend
  • Monthly Management
  • Quarterly and Ad-Hoc Report
  • AI Conversion Bid Adjustment
  • Custom Targeting Based on Existing Buyers


  • Covers $3,500-10,000 in Spend
  • All From Small Business Plus:
  • A/B Testing
  • Adjacent Market Rotations


  • $10,000-30,000+ in Spend
  • All From Previous Plus:
  • Daily Ad Checks
  • Advanced Adjacent Market Tests